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granite corner shelf

Finally, real stone accessories for your bathroom shower and/or tub, kitchen, and much more!

We don't have resin products. All of our ready-to-order products are from solid granites, travertine, slate, and marble stone tile or you can send us your color body porcelain tile and we can make anything you need out of it, too.

You invest a lot into your home decor. Make sure to finish with accessories that compliments your style.

                                Need shower shelves that match your tile? We can do that. Need trims made either from your tile or from a complimentary stone? Yep, we can do that. Want bathroom shelves (either tile corner shelves out of your tile or complimentary stone), unique wall shelving, or want to do a custom shower inlay and need special pieces made? Yep, we do that, too! Redoing an antique and need the granite or marble hand crafted to match the missing piece? We do it! Want a custom sized bullnose trim to use as a stone threshold, backsplash, cove base, fireplace surround, or countertop? Yep, we do it! You think it, we can work with it, so check out our store and get inspired. Then, shop or contact us today with your ideas and we can make your dreams a reality!  Shop and enjoy.

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